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By combining traditional medicine with innovative techniques and modern medical equipment, we can diagnose and treat the underlying causes of chronic conditions and symptoms —without resorting to invasive surgeries and copious pharmaceuticals — that leave other doctors confused and other acupuncturists and functional medicine practitioners guessing.
Thach Acupuncture and Functional Medicine is a premier multidisciplinary and multi-speciality medical clinic serving Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas. We provide first class holistic care from a board-certified oriental medicine and functional medicine practitioner.

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Dr. Phuong providing compassionate care while examining a male patient's shoulder.
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We aren’t just practitioners—we’re with you every step of your healing journey. We go the extra mile and consult with other professionals to make sure every angle is explored, and recommend the best care even if it’s not something we can do in our clinic. Your health is our only concern.

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Dr. Phuong Thach taking a male patient's case.


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